ASEAN Data Science Explores Competition 2019 Regional Finals

วันที่ : 09 ตุลาคม 2562
สถานที่: ห้องออดิทอเรียม ชั้น 5
โดย Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), ASEAN Foundation and SAP

ASEAN Data Science Explores Competition 2019 Regional Finals
This event, co-hosted by Digital Economy Promotion Agency(depa), ASEAN Foundation and SAP, was the culmination of a year-long journey that involved a series of enablement sessions where close to 500 educators and 3,000 students were trainedin Analytics Cloud. The ASEANDSE 2019 competition had 1,341 participants competing in the national finals held in all 10 ASEAN member states. The national champions progressed on to compete at the regional competition in Bangkok, Thailand. The three winners were chosen for their excellent capabilities in developing and presenting data-driven solutions that highlight six Sustainable Development Goals namely (1) good health and well-being, (2) quality education, (3) gender equality, (4) decent work and economic growth, (5) industry, innovation & infrastructure and (6) sustainable cities and communities.

Panithida Phongphaew, SAP Indochina
Email: Panithida.phongphaew@sap.com
Website: aseanfoundation.org



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